Directives for the new Urban Ecology: The public park will be the central place of the city, the heart of the circle.  It will bridge the artificial divide between nature and culture.  The park will be a harmonized environment. It will balance its own energy, waste, air quality, water, and economy. A self-sufficient village of 500 will serve as prototype and laboratory.  Sculptural follies will control climate locally by radiant heat in the winter and a cooling mist during summer time.  Constructed wetlands will remediate waste from the park. Existing farms will continue in use.  Everything is calibrated to walk-time: pedestrians will be privileged.  The park will be highly diverse, both great and responsive: a place of pleasure, health and learning.

Image by Mitchell Joachim
Credits: Mitchell Joachim, Maria Aiolova, Makoto Okazaki, Emily VanderVeen, Yu Ping Hsieh.
+ GREEN BRAIN: smart park